Sunday Balance

Sunday was a great day. My knee has been bothering me so rather than my long run I did an hour and fifteen minutes on the elliptical. Luckily I had Gossip Girl to keep me company, courtesy of the new Netflix app that I downloaded on my iPad. For some reason my feet get numb … Continue reading

It’s been awhile

So now that it’s summer I should be able to write a post- considering I don’t have a ton of schoolwork etc. to complete. I have been done with school for two weeks and am trying to soak up every minute of summer vacation. Today I have done some reading, water and iced coffee drinking, … Continue reading

Sunday Busy Sunday

Sunday Busy Sunday…. I love U2! I slept in this morning until 9 or so. I love sleeping in on mornings where the sun is shining in through the windows. I know that runners usually get up early to do their runs, but I only do that if absolutely necessary. Sleep is too important! I … Continue reading

Smoothie Saturday

Today is an off day for running so I rode my bike for half an hour and then lifted weights. I also did the strength training moves that my physical therapist game me. I am headed to a birthday party later today for a late lunch/early dinner so I made a smoothie to tide me … Continue reading

Tempo run

On the training schedule today I had a tempo run. I drove to the nearby lake to do 4 miles. I parked, walked around a bit to warm up and then was off. I started with one mile at about 9:00 pace and then when I hit the mile mark, I stopped, stretched my achilles … Continue reading

weather forecast

So the weather forecast is not looking good for my week of vacation. This definitely means I need to spend some time outside today! At least it will be warm (er), just a little wet. I was hoping for some vitamin D.             Hmm… what to do the rest of … Continue reading


I am on school vacation! We had parent teacher conferences this week after school. This meant I was often at school until after 7:00 as I was meeting with parents, cleaning up the room, preparing for the next day et cetera. The bonus to these late evenings is that we get Friday off. All that … Continue reading

Easter dinner

We went to baby love’s family for Easter dinner. It was wonderful to see everyone and we both left feeling completely stuffed!! We need to go more often, it is so nice to relax and spend time with family.

Well Balanced Dinner

We had some lamb in the freezer that I unfroze the other night. It is very Eastery and springy. When I was little we had lambs and I always remember watching them bouncing around in the field, jumping from rock to rock. I haven’t eaten lamb in a while. We paired it with some grilled … Continue reading