Tempo run

On the training schedule today I had a tempo run. I drove to the nearby lake to do 4 miles. I parked, walked around a bit to warm up and then was off. I started with one mile at about 9:00 pace and then when I hit the mile mark, I stopped, stretched my achilles for a hot minute, took off one layer and was off. I tried to keep a 8:00 minutes pace, but sometimes got up near 8:15. One mile of this, then I turned around, still trying to keep up the 8:00 minute mile. Maybe this was too much of a push for me because by the time I reached the original 1 mile remaining, slow down part, I was really out of breath. It felt good though. Breathing is always where I feel like I am pushing myself. Only occasionally do my legs feel tired, its always my lungs that are screaming.

I need to figure out how to take better pictures of my Garmin without the glare. But here is my time for the 4 miles.


Mile 1- 9:30

Mile 2- 8:09

Mile 3- 8:13

Mile 4- 9:67

Gotta get that recovery time down! Yikes.




After I finished my run I walked around the golf course that is next to the lake. I always park in the resort parking lot so as I am stretching and huffing and puffing there are dressed up dudes (sometimes ladies- but mostly dudes) trying to get under par. I did almost get hit once with the golf ball. The guys yelled “FOUR” and I stopped and ducked. I was so startled and my stomach was so nervous after that. As I walked around the golf course I called my sister. She is graduating from college in May and we discussed plans for visiting during graduation weekend.

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