Smoothie Saturday

Today is an off day for running so I rode my bike for half an hour and then lifted weights. I also did the strength training moves that my physical therapist game me. I am headed to a birthday party later today for a late lunch/early dinner so I made a smoothie to tide me over. I always think it is silly to provide recipes for smoothies, as I always make them with whatever I have on hand. Today, I started with spinach.


Used a scoop of this protein powder that I really like. No chalky after taste.


A cup or so of rice milk.


3/4 cup of yogurt.


I just got this Maca powder yesterday. I had read about it awhile ago and been wanting to try it. It tastes like a weaker cocoa and offers many vitamins and minerals. 


20120414-140220.jpgI also added a few frozen strawberries that we picked last summer. The color of the smoothie is not very appetizing but I promise it was delicious! I think the pairing of the green spinach and the red berries creates that brownish, red color. Needless to say, Baby love did not even want to try it!      20120414-140246.jpg

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