Sunday Busy Sunday

Sunday Busy Sunday….

I love U2!

I slept in this morning until 9 or so. I love sleeping in on mornings where the sun is shining in through the windows. I know that runners usually get up early to do their runs, but I only do that if absolutely necessary. Sleep is too important! I ate my usual pre run breakfast of toast- in this case English Muffin, peanut butter, banana and a few medjool dates chopped up on top. Washed down with a side of iced coffee. Delicious. I love this breakfast, but I think I ate too much, and need to only go with one english muffin and a half of a banana. It takes too long to digest and then I felt it still in my stomach on my run.

I left for my run and then had to come back to the house to change from leggings to shorts. It was much hotter than I had expected! I did 9 miles! It was harder than I wanted it to be, and much slower than I had hoped.

My calves were tight, and as I said, my stomach was a little off. The addition of the heat was more than I expected after looking at the weather forecast.

When I left to go on my run, I brought stuff to shower. I headed all sweaty over to my mom’s house. I did stop at a convenience store to buy two bags of frozen peas to ice my calves. Frozen peas are the way to go. They hold their shape, and then you can just throw them back in the freezer to use again.

Once I got there, I had lunch with my mom and brother. She made her famous moroccan couscous (I don’t know the spices that she uses) and we paired with lettuce, spinach, carrots, apple, dried cranberries, and some candied walnuts. My mom makes delicious miso dressing (baby love calls it “mi so horny). She blends miso with maple syrup, apple cider vinegar and I think a little lemon juice. Miso is fermented soybeans, sea salt  and cultured grain. It has many health benefits including all of the probiotics associated with fermented foods. Live foods=good.


After lunch, my mom and I headed to a local library talk given by David Macaulay.  He is a famous author and illustrator. You might recognize:


The talk was really interesting and he spoke about the process of writing his books and the extensive thought behind each image.

After the talk I went with my mom to a nearby art center for her to drop off several art pieces. She is going to be in an art show of local artists. As an art teacher, she always has done some art on her own, but never as much as she did before having children. She wants to get back into making art, and potentially selling it, so this art show as the perfect step.

When I got home, it was still warm out and baby love and I had some chicken in the refrigerator that we needed to use. I grilled the chicken and some red onion to put on salads. The chicken I just seasoned with some spices. Somewhere along the way I have had grilled balsamic onion so I was attempting to recreate it. I used a little olive oil, balsamic and some granulated sugar. They were good, but I have to perfect the recipe. Somewhere along the way I became the grill master. Baby love says I do it way better than he does, and I would like to think that is true, but it also could just be that he doesn’t want to do it? Seriously though, before we got the grill, he always said he would only cook chicken on the grill because he was not good about knowing when it would be done. Now I feel like I have to live up to my “grill master” abilities. That is a lot of pressure.


The best thing about vacation…. Sunday nights!! They are not stressful and taken up with planning and preparing for the week! Time to relax.


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