I am on school vacation! We had parent teacher conferences this week after school. This meant I was often at school until after 7:00 as I was meeting with parents, cleaning up the room, preparing for the next day et cetera. The bonus to these late evenings is that we get Friday off. All that extra time in the evening equals no school Friday. I think that technically we are supposed to have some of our conferences on Friday, but everyone schedules them for the evenings throughout the week.

When I got home last night I did a little “SuperStar” dance move, jumping down into a squat, hands up in the air, but yelled “VACATION!” It didn’t feel real to me. I think I had been going full tilt for so long, but also, in some ways, it felt like we just had our February vacation. After completing my silly dance, I went straight to the fridge for a glass of wine. Usually after conferences a bunch of teachers go out for margaritas and dinner but I just wanted to get home to babylove and the guys.

So with the glass of wine (which quickly turned into 3 glasses…) in hand, we raided the fridge for something to eat. I need  We need to figure out a better way of grocery shopping and meal planning because the amount of money we spend on groceries is ridiculous but it seems like we never have anything to eat! Another post for another time. Leftover pasta with chicken sausage was our meal last night. Babylove mixed his with alfredo sauce, and I mixed mine with the last of the freezer burnt veggies- edamame and peas- and some pesto sauce. While we ate we watched Season 7 of Weeds.


I enjoy this show, but Nancy drives me crazy. She is always sucking on a straw with diet coke or iced coffee and she just does the dumbest things. She is always putting herself first, and she has this annoying selfishness about her. However, without those qualities, there wouldn’t be a show….


Now, as I wake up on Friday morning, drink some iced coffee (yes, out of a straw, but I promise, not as annoyingly as Nancy Botwin) I am perplexed about what to do with all of my free time! Yes, its vacation, but what am I going to do? I always get this nervous, anxiety when I have time that I don’t have to be doing something immediately. Originally, I wanted to go to California to visit my sister for break, but the tickets are way too expensive. I do want to go somewhere though. Boston? New York? Even for one overnight. Its just nice to get away. I wish babylove had the same vacation as I do.


I think I need to come up with a list of events, plans, things I want to accomplish over this break. Its not that there is a shortage of things to do by any means: clean house, go through paperwork, closets, clean classroom, plan for remaining 8 weeks of school, read, cook, relax…. I think thats the problem, I don’t go a good job relaxing in my own space unless someone is there to help me do it. I can go to a friends house, my mom’s, babylove’s parents and just relax and not feel guilty, but never at my own house. When I am here, even when we are watching a movie that I have wanted to see, I am on the computer, or organizing or going through something.

To start, I am going to think about today and then go from there. I am going for a run in a few minutes after my breakfast digests, and then maybe out to run some errands. Maybe a little retail therapy to curb my anxiety. We also need to fill that refrigerator…



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