Go Kentucky!!

I have always loved March madness. I can remember when I was in high school with my family would leave for there Sunday riding lessons getting out the NordicTrack from the closet and started tracking away while I watch the game. I filled out bracket this year and I’m excited to see how the game … Continue reading

Sunday funday

I did six miles today for my half marathon training. It honestly didn’t feel good- my stomach was upset and I could hear my breakfast jiggling around every step. Not pleasant.

Sunny Sunday

It is gorgeous today. 71 degrees in mid march is unheard of. Went for a beautiful walk with my mom. We walked the whole lake. .

Shamrock Shuffle

I ran a 5k today! My goal was 24 minutes and I ran it in 24:22! I haven’t even been running for two weeks so I am super excited!

Crossing things off the list

So I think I did pretty good… There are still several things that I didn’t accomplish. I also thought of many more things that I wanted to add, but I didn’t let myself. I also crossed off laundry, even though I shouldn’t have. There are two baskets that look like this that are clean laundry … Continue reading

To Do List

How do you feel about To-Do lists? I make them all the time and then never finish everything on it. A day or two goes by and I start a new one- making sure to integrate what I didn’t get done from the last one. I also put things on it that are easy to … Continue reading

A visit to PT

I have a confession, I always thought that Physical Therapy was for someone that was really injured. Like broke their leg and were in bed rest for months. However, after running for several months with a nagging pain in my hip and some research on my own via the internet, I knew I had to … Continue reading


How could you not want to snowshoe when it looks like this outside?          It was so beautiful I went for a short run after the snowshoe! There is nothing better than spring running!