I am a Vermonter through and through. I love the Green Mountains and although I never thought I would settle here, I have made it my home.

Balancing all of life’s offerings has been tricky for me and although it seems ironic to add one more thing into the mix by starting a blog, I am hoping that it becomes a place for me bring all of my loves together, and to help balance them.

I have always been passionate about fitness, food, family and work, but one of these has always taken precedence, leaving the other behind. In high school, I was able to balance all of these responsibilities. As a fierce competitor, high school was consumed with soccer fields and basketball courts. I ran, participated in sports camps and played summer league to stay in shape for the next sports season. I had friends, family and several jobs that always kept me busy.

Fast forward to college, and the thrill of partying and being around so many young people won out over healthy eating and studying. I think I must have gained the freshman fifteen in the first fifteen days. I remember walking home after dinner my freshman year in the cold, with a warm bagel in my pocket to eat later as a snack…and the bagel was consumed before I even arrived back at my dorm! Needless to say, this happened on more than one occasion. Not to mention the excessive amounts of alcohol I ingested. Exercise was intermittent, I would occasionally go to the gym, or for a short run, but never with any regularity. I could not control the all you can eat, go back as many times as you want, made to order meal hall and always ate way more than my body needed.

Every summer I would slim down, as my eating habits changed (no more all you can eat and late night curly fries) and my exercise habits improved. After college, I began running more in a more structured manner. I worked with a local runner who gave me training plans and I slimmed down without trying. I never dieted, but was able to get closer to my high school weight. My job at that time wasn’t stressful and I lived at home for awhile, and therefore I didn’t have as many items to balance.

Fast forward five years, and I live with Babylove, my boyfriend, and my three adorable guys (cats) Hendrix, Marley and Zeppelin. As a teacher, I spend my days with 5th graders and although I deeply care about my students and am passionate about education I am consumed with my job and often feel as though I only am doing schoolwork. I love cooking and experimenting with new healthy recipes. In the past year I have run several half-marathons and am currently training for another in June of 2012. I would eventually like to run a full marathon.


I still struggle with this balance, the see-saw of healthy eating, with friends & family, work, and relaxation. Please join me on my journey of balancing all of life’s offerings here in the Green Mountain State.


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