Saturday and Pizza

One of my favorite dinners ever is pizza. Probably the combination of bread, cheese and veggies…

I start with my homemade dough. I use the recipe from King Arthur Flour and add a tablespoon of sugar for the yeast to feed from. I also use all whole wheat flour.  


don't mind the dirty countertop

A year or two ago we decided that we preferred white pizza- or at least pizza with no red sauce. So I started with arugula on the bottom of everything. 



Then a little mozzarella and cooked mushrooms. I find the trick is to sprinkle a few small layers of the mozzarella to keep everything stuck together 🙂 



Then I layered a few more tasty ingredients on but I forgot to take photos as I went. I like to design my pie in a way that allows me to have several options. I put red peppers on one half lengthwise and then across the short two halves I spread shredded black forest ham and then cut up chicken sausage link (Al Fresco). I love onions on pizza so small pieces are scattered on top of everything. Topped with a sprinkle of olive oil and some red chili flakes.

Final result: 



Babylove and I always make separate pizzas- he likes more meat than I. He also gets the round variety. I am experimenting with how I like my crust and what pan to use. Babylove uses our pizza stone in which we roll out the dough on a parchment paper and load it onto the pizza stone that has been in the 450 degree oven. He used pork sausage, mushrooms and ham.



We watched Drive, with Ryan Gosling for our Saturday dinner date and I was highly disappointed. The first 45 minutes were very slow, and the last 45 minutes I had to turn away because of so much blood and gore. It was all made better by a glass of wine and chocolate chip cookie 🙂


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