A visit to PT

I have a confession, I always thought that Physical Therapy was for someone that was really injured. Like broke their leg and were in bed rest for months. However, after running for several months with a nagging pain in my hip and some research on my own via the internet, I knew I had to do something. I made an appointment with a local physical therapist. I certainly had my doubts but it has been nothing but positive.

In the past month I have visited a handful of times and made significant progress. I was “diagnosed” with one of my glute muscles being weaker than the other which caused me to lower my hip every step to compensate for this weakness. This compensation than caused my hip bone to rub on my ITB which caused pain. I have been doing several exercises to strengthen my glue muscles including one legged squats from a stool, using a resistance band, side planks with leg raises and several core exercises. I couldn’t believe how much progress I made from when I first started doing these exercises. Interesting article here.

I have had to take two months off from running as I made worked on strengthening my glutes. Needless to say, the elliptical and bike have gotten old. I was so excited to return to running!

I will keep you updated on my first few runs.

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