Best cookies ever-in the package

A paper for a class kept me at school late. I am usually there late but I am planning for the next day and talking with other teachers. I was having trouble focusing today so it took forever to write the one page response to an article for an early numeracy course I am taking on calculating up to 20. I was supposed to go for a run-as my physical therapist just okayed me to start running- but we had a staff floor hockey game where we play the students to collect food for the local food shelf.
I left the game early to go to my monthly book club. We read The Hunger Games this month. I read the trilogy last winter but prepared for book group by reading them again. I couldn’t put it down-the first one anyway. I didn’t think 2 was as good as 1, and 3 wasn’t as good as 2. It was a little much. Any thoughts on The Hunger Games? My friend made lamb stew- remember Katniss’s favorite part of the capital?
I arrived late to book group starving and immediately ate too much lamb stew, cheese and crackers and then cookies. We always do a pot luck and my task was dessert today. I was a slacker and had to go to the small health food in town to get cookies. My favorite kind of cookies in a package.


Another delicious kind of cookie-in a package.


A little bit of schoolwork and then the new Women’s Health magazine and bed…


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