Balance schmalance

So my hope for balancing everything in my life by creating a blog and adding another item to the to do lost has been unsuccessful. I went on vacation to North Carolina and visited my grandmother. I went back to school for a week-which is always hectic after students have been on vacation for a week.

I had long weekend and it felt like another vacation. I visited my mom and brother and my aunt and uncle that we’re visiting for the weekend. We ate delicious food and had some beverages. I went snowshoeing and went for a run beneath a beautiful blue vermont winter sky. Monday was an inservice and then today we had no school because it is Vermont town meeting day. Babylove and I did some errands and grocery shopping. He had to go to work this evening and I went for a 3 mile run and lifted some weights. I have been doing some schoolwork and laundry. There definitely is some housework to do that I am not up for but when it comes to balancing what is important, spending time with loved ones, enjoying good food and relaxing are more important than a dust free living room…

Dinner tonight was super colorful. Roasted vegetables and quinoa.



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