Posole at the Whistle Stop Cafe

A favorite exercise spot is a nearby lake. When I was training, it was where I would do most of my running. I got to know all the houses, and knew where all the mile markers were. It is also the perfect location for walk-exercise and catching up, the perfect combination. One lap is 5 miles with minimal hills. I met my mom there earlier today to catch up and kick off my school vacation.

After our 5 mile walk we went to a nearby small restaurant, The WhistleStop Cafe. I couldn’t help but think of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. TOWANDA! The owner of the restaurant has won several barbecue competitions.

I started with a mug of hot tea.










My mom and I both wanted something small but satisfying so we started with the Mista Salad.

yummy dressing on the side- a lemon vinagrette

There were so many options on the menu. I thought about the portabello panini, but knew that we would be having pizza for dinner- too much cheese for me in one day…

So I went with the Posole soup (or is it stew?). Made with pulled pork and hominy (nixtamalized corn- cooked in wood ash), there weren’t many vegetables, but the rich flavor and broth tasted delicious with a recovering sore throat.

served with homemade foccacia

I debated about desert, but decided against it. The WhistleStop Cafe is definitely worth a visit.

One thought on “Posole at the Whistle Stop Cafe

  1. Yum! I lice posole. Some places I have had it, they give you all these different things to add in your self: cilantro, tomatoes, avocados…. Even some shredded cabbage I think. So yummy!!

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